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Cloudy, Dull Water

Possible Cause Solution Preventative Maintenance

Backwashing sand filters too often

Backwash less frequently, only as recommended by filter manufacturer’s directions.

Back wash once every month or two months using Ultima® Back Wash, depending on number and frequency of pool occupancy.

Dirty filter

Clean filter with an E Z Filter Cleaner™ solution. Renew sand filter efficiency with Ultima® Back Wash.

Backwash as necessary and clean filter thoroughly as needed.

Dissolved metals in the water

Use Metal Master® stain control to control metals in water.

Use Metal Master® stain control weekly to prevent staining and scale formation.

Filter not removing small particles

Use Super Blue® clarifier to coagulate small particles. Check filter operation.

Use Super Blue® clarifier (1 fl. oz. per 5,000 gals.) weekly.

Free chlorine or bromine residual too low

Test for chlorine or bromine residual and add a Robarb™ sanitizer as needed.

Maintain free chlorine or bromine level of 1-4 ppm.

pH too high

Test pH and total alkalinity. Add pH Down as directed and adjust as required.

Test frequently and maintain a pH of 7.2–7.8 and a total alkalinity level of 80-120 ppm.